Car Radio Installation Part 1 – Removing Your Existing Radio

Removing your in-dash car radio is generally quick and easy. Removal and installation are best carried out from the front passenger seat if you are right-handed. Some, but only a small number of cars, will require the dash surrounding the radio to be removed as the radio may be held in with screws apple carplay

Your first step is to remove your original radio. Pay close attention to the steps involved, as refitting is simply a reverse of the removal.

There are various radio-mounting methods used among the different car manufacturers. However, the majority of factory-fitted radios are secured either in a metal sleeve (also known as cage) by two or four securing clips that you push inwards toward the radio to release it, or using the same method without the sleeve.

For radios that have either one or two small round holes on either side of the radio, you can use standard (DIN) radio removal Keys found in all car accessory shops or websites.

DIN radio tools release the majority of radios found in pre-2004 Fiat, Ford, Land Rover, MG, Peugeot, Rover models and many makes of radio. Simply insert the keys into the holes until they lock into place (for radios with only two holes, you can simply bend the keys). Some radios will require you to remove four small Allen screws (with a 2mm or 5/64 Allen Key) before you can insert the removal keys. I believe these are simply a security measure.

Now, push the keys outwards slightly, away from the radio, this will push the securing spring clips inwards. Now, pull on the removal keys to remove the radio. Some radios are a little bit stubborn, but a little persistence should pay off.

Some factory-fitted radios are held in place by securing the screws located at the sides of the radio. This type of mounting concept is found primarily on Japanese cars and these radios are mounted behind the dash that surrounds the radio. Most radios have some type of rear support but this is more often than not, just a push fit.

Once you have removed the radio from its sleeve, disconnect the aerial and factory wiring harness connectors.

If you encounter problems when removing radios that are mounted behind the dash try ringing your local dealer. Ask for the service department and ask to speak to a technician as they are generally happy to advise. On the other hand, you could always consult a Haynes manual.


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